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  • Ralph Boehm


Top Ten Expectations for a Master’s Students

1. Have a strong desire to improve on your instrument.

2. Fight to preserve and/or create time for daily practice.

3. Have clear and distinct goals to accomplish for your practice.

4. Try to remember that slow practice is actually fast practice.

5. Repetition is key to mastery.

6. Consistent improvement is the life blood of your practice time.

7. Since there are only two senses in music, ie. Rhythm and Pitch,

make sure that both are active in your practice.

Remember to move and listen carefully as you practice.

8. Create a joy and fascination with your music practice and studies.

9. As Transformation is the key to life, it is as well for your practice.

Transform the black notes on a white background into something

truly amazing and special that represents the best inside you.

10. Look forward to your next lesson as a chance for additional growth and advancement.

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