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  • Ralph Boehm

Pre-Practice Checklist

Prepare for your lessons for quicker results!

1. Open space between 1st finger and thumb as wide as possible.

2. Slightly bend middle joint of thumb.

3. Create circle between thumb and 1st finger.

4. Create concave area in center of your palm.

5. Expand outward & open center of palm outwards

toward base bone of each finger.

6. Open space between each finger base bone to create V like shape.

7. Shorten and lift chest muscles to help support your arms.

8. Sit up straight or stand while allowing your shoulder blades to drop down

onto your back scapula muscles (located directly below your shoulder


9. Create perpendicular angles between your bow and your fingerboard.

10. Allow shoulder muscles to twist, roll and bend freely as you move bow

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