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About Ralph Boehm


Ralph Boehm is an artist and educator whose unique career has transcended over 60 years,. He has performed in numerous orchestras throughout the Washington Metropolitan area for special and private corporate and government sponsored events.  Established Symphony to Go in 1992.  Symphony To Go is a music contracting organization that provides professional musicians with the opportunity to perform throughout the Washington Metropolitan area.

Ralph Boehm is a dedicated music educator, forming many young students to become top level professional musicians. He builds connections with his students, as he coaxes the finest results in their technique and accuracy in their style.

Be sure to view our collection of video clips, (link to the clips to be established) demonstrating  how he works with his students, inspiring them to reach further and achieve more rich and powerful sounds.


Music is essential to the human experience. It transcends learning to play an instrument. You learn to feel the music, which provides rewards to both the player and to those who listen and appreciate the fruits of the lessons.

Newspaper Photo:

Ralph Boehm performs at the Manassas Symphony gala opening of the Hylton Center.

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