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Why take music lessons with us?

Ralph Boehm has prepared many young musicians for coveted seat placements in high school and regional orchestras. He has succeeded in preparing students for auditions for college admissions, scholarships as well as admissions to exclusive music camps, such as the Interlochen Camp for the Performing Arts.

Ralph Boehm has helped students garner apprenticeships and entrance to career advancement studies with the highly esteemed National Symphony of Washington DC.

Ralph Boehm is equally proficient in teaching viola and cello in addition to violin.

Whether you are taking music lessons for fun or for an eventual musical career, Ralph Boehm will make the experience enjoyable and help you to meet your personal goals.

Call us about learning to play a string instrument  (703) 938-1777


"Teaching is one of the true joys in my life. Each student has their own set of challenges and ability. Each student should be moving forward in their studies at a steady pace and level of improvement with the correct instruction. My goal is to provide that instruction."

-Ralph Boehm

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