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  • Ralph Boehm

Ten Things a Master Teacher Should Bring to Every Lesson and Student

Updated: May 6, 2019

1. Have an appreciation for the inherent talent, intelligence and ability of each student.

2. Ensure that each student understands how his or her muscles should work to get the best result.

3. Technique should be fully understood during each lesson, so it is completely clear what the coming week’s practice should include.

4. A complete understanding of the need for and implementation of a system of teaching and instruction.

5. A no limits approach to teaching. The belief that each student has no limits. Age, amount of time studied previously or present musical knowledge should not hold a student back from reaching their highest potential.

6. Good equipment is critical to producing excellent results. Every effort should be made to provide assistance in upgrading the student’s instrument, bow and support equipment.

7. Mutual joy in learning and in discovering new methods and ways of thinking are important to enhance each student’s understanding and appreciation for music and their instrument and it’s performance.

8. Want to spend more time, not less with a student, to ensure that the needed and desired information and results have been attained during each lesson.

9. Provide a learning and teaching environment that is safe and nurturing to ensure that each student is comfortable in the knowledge and techniques that they are working on and receiving during their lesson.

10. Be a successful and highly competent performer and have a complete mastery and command of the instrument being taught in the lesson. Many students can learn a great deal from example.

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